You are running Internet Explorer. Why does that matter?

Internet Explorer has been left behind in the ‘browser wars’.

The result of this is that those viewing sites with Internet Explorer are often viewing an inferior version of the web. Web designers tired of the restraints of Internet Explorer are now coding their site’s for modern browsers leaving Internet Explorer viewers viewing an inferior version of their site to fall back on. The older the version of Internet Explorer... the worse it gets. 

Which version of Internet Explorer am I running?

With Internet Explorer open, click on ‘Help’ then ‘About Internet Explorer’.

Download one of the modern browsers

All run on both Windows and Macintosh Operating Systems, be sure to update them regularly for the best experience.

Still rather Internet Explorer?

If you would still rather Internet Explorer, be sure to download the latest version. At the time of writing (February 2012) that would be version 9, which although much better than earlier versions... is still lagging behind.

IE8 for XP

Internet Explorer, the Number 1 browser for downloading a better browser! 

Why does it matter?

With Internet Explorer lagging so far behind other browsers, web developers are finding themselves in a dilemma.

Once updated to either a modern browser or IE8, the banner you clicked on that directed you to this page will disappear.