Grin 'n' Wear It Tattoo and Body Piercing Studio
Based in Lakenheath, Brandon near Mildenhall
in Suffolk on the border of Norfolk, East Anglia.

The Internationally Respected Tattoo and Body Piercing Team

Open Day - 6th of November 2010

Hey, we had a great time, a BIG thanks to all that came. 

Guy Fawkes had nothing on us!

They look nice enough to eat!

Sherbet Fountain anyone?

A great turn-out!

In awe of the display  

There goes another £60 

He was that big...honest! Hmm...

The Waiting (for a burger) Room

It’s a book, a movie...sounds like... Moooooo!

Kryton has no morals, he’ll even steal food from children!

Ross’ Ace Back Piece

She doesn’t believe you Bryan, you can see in the body language

24 hour BBQ

We were pretty busy throughout the day, took a few people around the studios to. By the evening we’d got quite a crowd. It was great to meet-up with old friends and to make some new.
Rabbit needed some consoling when he saw he’s hard earned cash exploding into flames during the firework display, was exciting stuff! 
A big thanks to all involved and to those that helped out.

Not too far from Newmarket, Cambridge, Feltwell and Bury St Edmunds. We have had the pleasure of tattooing and piercing the American service men and women of RAF Lakenheath, Feltwell and Mildenhall for the past seventeen years. We are close to the Norfolk Suffolk border. GNWI.CO.UK